We are two icehockey loving dudes from northern germany.  We are located at Timmendorfer Strand where icehockey is a traditional sport, we both grew up with it. Olli even was an active player in our local team. Our support for icehockey made us regular visitor in the USA, where we supported the team we cheer for – Boston Bruins!

Next to enjoying these games, we identified another passion for ourselves (again):

We conquered the varieties of beer for us!

Beer, back in germany, was more something boring, usually filtered pilsener where just the bitterness diversified each beer from each other. Ok, sometimes you had a wheat or a black beer which was the highest level of diversity that you can find on a mneu card of a restaurant. The german beer landscape is somehow drab in the land of the german purity law.

In Boston we’ve rediscovered new “old” beer styles in the regional craft beer breweries. We got excited by the intense, hoppy and fruity IPA’s, the hoppy garaasy Pale Ales and seasonal specials like a squash beer for halloween or even gingerbread beer for christmas time. It was incredible to see what is possible with different malts and hops. The variety of tastes was just not available for us in germany at that time.

It was tough and nearly impossible to get these beers in germany, not even online shops listed them. That’s why we decided to become homebrewers. After just a short period Olli got qualified as a beersommelier. This is how the story of Sudden Death Brewing Co. developed.

Since then we develop and create our recipes always in small batches in our own small brew heaven. Mashing, Cooling, Cooking until filling the Bottles – we craft every single Beer on our own. Starting over with every new recipe until we are confident that the result is what we expect it to be.

When a recipe becomes mature, we brew on a larger scale!

We do only have a 50 liter Homebrewkit, therefore we have to gipsy brew at other breweries in that moment we think the recipe is good enough! We use over capacity at other breweries and brew our own recipte there.

Sudden Death Brewing Co stands for our two passions: Icehockey and brewing beer! You can spot that in our logo which covers elements of both. Hockeystick and a goalkeeper mask combined with brew and mashpaddels – eyes like a perfect hop! Next to it sudden death is the synonym for the final decision of a game in overtime!

This is the most exciting moment in an icehockey match. And our expectation is that our Beer is as fascinating as that event!

Our mission is to brew extraordinary juicy drinkable beers!